Monday, July 7, 2014

E-Portfolios in English Language Teaching

An e-portfolio is a collection of information, files, images, documents and digital artifacts used as a resource to demonstrate the development of the learning process. According to tech.worlded.orgThe process of producing an e-Portfolio (writing, typing, recording etc.) usually requires the synthesis of ideas, reflection on achievements, self-awareness and forward planning; with the potential for educational, developmental or other benefits”.
The type of portfolio depends on the purpose such as presentation, application, reflection, assessment and personal development planning), pedagogic design, and level of structure (intrinsic or extrinsic), duration (episodic or life-long) and other factors. ( 

E-Portfolios can be done by using tools such as presentation software or blogs but there are specialized e-Portfolio applications that can offer a level of customization for specific contexts and support for multiple pedagogic purposes.
Benefits is also something else to think about, things like customization, interaction, transportation, access from every place with internet connection and the best your dog can not eat it!

Teachers can also make use of web-based lessons that is simply a lesson that in some way incorporates a Web site or many Web sites. A Web-based lesson can be conducted entirely online or it can be a traditional classroom lesson with an online component. A Web site can be used in a lesson for a variety of purposes, including research, reading, writing, publishing, communication and collaboration with teachers and learners around the world.

We have already discussed how using the Web in the classroom brings with it both new opportunities and new concerns. The variety of resources and information can inspire original activities and facilitate teacher´s work in the creation of lessons related to any subject. Also by using the web many learning styles can be taken into account. We should always bear in mind when creating a site that the most important thing is the educational purpose and not the look of the site, so be aware that the templates that you use are suitable for your purpose.
As a regular lesson, web-based lesson should include very detailed steps for the teacher and learners to follow. Some of them may seem logical but when using ICT there are not too many explanations because you may not have enough time to clarify your students´ ideas.


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